Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Furnishing a Home

After our wedding and honeymoon were over it was time to get move in to our new home in Woodridge, Il. Our home progressively improved as the Lord provided things for us in amazing ways. We went from lawn chairs for furniture to a beautiful set of furniture and wonderful rec room for holding Bible Clubs.

This coffee table has a special memory for Becca and I. We had been using a friends coffee table while they were traveling and they had finished traveling so the needed it back. We were glad to give it back, but we had become very accustomed to having a coffee table for our guests to use. We asked the Lord for a new coffee table to use as we served our guests. 

Here is how God provided. I was scheduled to be in Milwaukee for a class for two weeks and we had scheduled an ultrasound around that class. After arriving for the class I was informed that it would only be one week long. This allowed us to reschedule our appointment for the ultrasound. On the way to the ultrasound I made a wrong turn. I intended to take Ogedon  Avenue, but I made a wrong turn on Maple Avenue. As we drove down Maple we saw this coffee table out on the curb. We didn't have time to get it then so after the doctors visit we drove back that way. God had left the table there for us and we picked it up and took it home. 

Praise The Lord For Answered Prayer!